WASD Keyboards Sponsors Axiom

Fri 31st May 2013 - 10:26pm Axiom eSports WASD Keyboards Sponsors Axiom

Today Axiom eSports announced their first peripheral sponsor, WASD Keyboards!


WASD Keyboards produces custom mechanical keyboards that give the customer the freedom to completely customize their keyboard to their play style and design preferences without sacrificing quality. WASD will soon roll out version 2 of their custom keyboards which introduces a sleek new case design and a lower keyboard to aid in alleviating stress from the wrist. To show their support of Axiom, WASD is providing each player their own WASD v2 keyboard.


This new sponsorship is quite the surprise for a team that many believed was not interested in gear sponsorships. Axiom owner Genna Bain clarified the team’s stance on hardware sponsors, stating she did not want to force her players to use sponsored gear they were not comfortable with. “We aren't ‘against’ hardware sponsors. We do, however, want to allow our players to use gear that they actually want to use instead of being forced to do so. There are certain brands in common that our players enjoy using, so we are filtering offers based on certain criteria.”


"I have discussed this with my teammates,” said team captain CranK. “We are excited to create our new [WASD custom] keyboards. We are really thankful they will let us customize our keyboard, so we think we will feel comfortable when we play." WASD previously provided CranK with a WASD Keyboard in August 2012 before the founding of Axiom. Crank opted for MX Browns with 40A-R O-rings.


For more information about WASD Keyboards and to start building your own custom keyboard, visit WASD Keyboard’s website. Feel free to voice your support for WASD and Axiom’s partnership by liking their Facebook page.


Watch the announcement video here:



Olivia Wong

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  • icepick37

    Fri 31st May 2013 - 11:03pm

    AWEsome.  :D  I'd totally buy one of these if I wasn't so broke, haha.

    Good luck with the new sponsor! Sounds like a good fit.

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