Announcing Axiom's New Major Sponsor:

Fri 1st Aug 2014 - 5:19pm Axiom eSports Announcing Axiom's New Major Sponsor:

It's my pleasure to announce Axiom eSports newest major sponsor,


We've tried as a team to be very selective about the organisations we take sponsorships from. We want to legitimately support what they're doing. We got involved in /r/bitcoin because we believe it's a currency with a real future. We use WASDKeyboards because we believe they're the best mechanical keyboards on offer and now we get to partner with a company for whom I personally have a great deal of respect,


For those who don't know, is one of the world’s biggest PC game digital distributors. In their catalogue you can find a huge selection of top quality games for PC, but they're not just any games retailer. GOG for the past several years has shown a deep commitment to preserving and expanding our rich gaming heritage. They’re putting the best indies out there in the spotlight. They’re bringing back classic titles and making them compatible with modern operating systems, lovingly supporting them with the latest patches and technical assistance, fostering communities around long-lost classics and of course, selling them at fair prices, completely DRM-free. They have maintained since their inception a focus on customer service and consumer rights, asserting that yes, once you buy a game you can store it, install it, and play it as you please and if you have second thoughts or technical difficulties, then yes, you are entitled to a refund. I personally feel that a retailer that exercises proper quality control and curation of its library is extremely important in today’s PC gaming landscape and I'm very pleased to work with them.


But what do you, the viewer get out of this? It's always great to be able to welcome a new sponsor into the StarCraft 2 scene but in this case I feel we've created a unique partnership that will result in some very entertaining content, on both the Cynicalbrit channel and from Axiom eSports. Our partnership with GOG will be accompanied by a series of videos showcasing classic titles in the GOG library. Axiom eSports will present a series of videos where our StarCraft pro-gamers try to apply their knowledge and mechanics to classic RTS, competing against each other to see who comes out on top. If you've ever wondered just how well StarCraft skills transfer to other strategy games, you will have the opportunity to find out. I'm also happy to announce that the partnership with GOG signals the return of a well-loved, short-lived series called “This is why we can't have nice things”, a retrospective look at a classic title which for one reason or another never saw continued success, even though it deserved to. Previous videos in this series have covered cult classics such as Sacrifice, Battle Realms and of course Dungeon Keeper. It's an opportunity to wax-lyrical about a genuine classic and discuss the state of the industry. Both of these series are made possible by GOGs support. Running an eSports team is an expensive business, GOGs support shoulders much of the financial burden.


We hope you will take the opportunity to investigate GOGs library of quality titles. New independent games and even major releases such as The Witcher 3 and Divinity: Original Sin are regularly released on their site, all DRM-free. We as a team look forward to the opportunity to promote an ethical and passionate company and give our viewers the opportunity to experience excellent games, old and new.


- John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain

Team owner, Axiom eSports



Olivia Wong

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  • BegginBlue

    Fri 1st Aug 2014 - 10:34pm

    This is very exciting. Since i know that TB will stay honest with the content I'm really interested which games are going to be featured in his videos, esspecially because as a kid i only knew games from NES, Playstation & the 3D Nintendo consoles. I knew nothing on pc except WC3, and a bit Counterstrike or Command & Conquer with friends. But those are all heavily licenced so i guess they won't show up on gog. But that's ok, Then i have enough space to get suprised if there are some games that have some really good value in regards of gameplay instead of just hooking me with nostalgia.

    And if that content even benefits the Team then more power to it! Good choice of a sponsor overall, I'm psyched to see what games you will show to us.

    PS: You have to watch out with Online functionality of some Indies on I only ever bought "OlliOlli" on there and even though it's an amazing game it sucks that the leaderboards and daily challenges are only available to people on Steam. I should've read the text on the bottom of the page...

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