Announcing /r/Bitcoin Sponsorship!

Sat 5th Apr 2014 - 1:53pm Axiom eSports Announcing /r/Bitcoin Sponsorship!

Axiom eSports is pleased to announce our newest sponsor, /r/Bitcoin!


/r/Bitcoin is the Reddit subcommunity devoted to the discussion and exchange of information surrounding the digital currency Bitcoin used worldwide. It’s a great place to find resources on Bitcoin cryptocurrency along with information on how to get started. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is accepted by a growing number of businesses online. It can be used to transfer funds to others instantly at any time with a negligible fee as well as stay anonymous and secure online with your transactions, avoiding the pitfalls of credit card fraud.


Axiom is not the first StarCraft 2 related venture /r/Bitcoin has invested in. In 2013, /r/Bitcoin contributed to the Starcraft Bitcoin Challenge, a best of 7 showmatch between Acer.Scarlett and Alliance.Naniwa hosted by Axiom owner John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain for 14BTC. This event was the highest viewed online Starcraft 2 event of 2013.


Moderator of the subreddit Piotr Piasecki gave a statement about the new partnership saying “We at the /r/Bitcoin community are excited to be working with TotalBiscuit again. The community response during the Bitcoin Starcraft was very positive, so we decided to continue the relationship. We hope the sponsorship will be useful to the Axiom team and will promote the Bitcoin use in eSports scene.”


"We're happy to be working with the folks over at r/Bitcoin once again,” stated TotalBiscuit. “We previously worked together to bring the biggest showmatch in SC2 history into being and it went off without a hitch. It makes sense for something as cutting edge as cryptocurrency to be involved with another cutting edge industry like eSports. An increasing number of sites are starting to accept Bitcoin including Starcraft’s own Teamliquid and /r/Bitcoin is a great place to find guides and information on how to start using cryptocurrency. We'd like to thank the /r/Bitcoin community for their support and hope to bring home results in return.”


As WCS AM Ro16 begins today, fans will notice Axiom players sporting our new sponsor on their uniforms.You can watch the event live at 08:00 PDT on


To buy or learn more information about Bitcoins, visit /r/Bitcoins extensive Wiki.



Olivia Wong

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  • SpeeD

    Sat 5th Apr 2014 - 3:41pm

    Yay. :) Saw talks about this in the r/Bitcoin, I'm glad things finally went through. Much love and welcome to the sponsors, supporting this wonderful team! 

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