Planetside 2 Announced as Premier Sponsor

Mon 18th Mar 2013 - 10:20pm Axiom eSports Planetside 2 Announced as Premier Sponsor

During a special Planetside 2 Showcase during MLG Dallas, Axiom fans were prompted to tune in for a very exciting announcement: Axiom’s new sponsor was Sony Online Entertainment and their game Planetside 2.

The announcement came casually from Planetside 2’s creative director Matt Higby during an interview segment with Axeltoss. In fact, it was so casually slipped in many fans weren’t sure if they heard correctly! While less dramatic than other announcements, Axiom is excited to have Planetside 2 onboard.

Totalbiscuit provided an excellent explanation on why the sponsorship is mutually beneficial during an interview with Slasher:

What better demographic to market a game to than to gamers? It makes perfect sense once you think about it. Especially with Starcraft 2’s demographic: primarily 25-34 years old for most online viewers…absolutely fantastic demographic to hit for a free-to-play online game…people with disposable income, and of course people who are into something a little more complex than just Call of Duty, something more consistent and something a little more challenging , and Planetside 2 offers that.

For more information on Planetside 2, here is the official trailer. For a more extensive understanding, watch Totalbiscuit’s ‘Planetside 2 - Just what is it all about, anyway?

And if you have a Twitter account, please feel free to show your appreciation by following and tweeting @Planetside2.



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