Introducing Ax.Impact!

Tue 1st Oct 2013 - 1:43am Axiom eSports Introducing Ax.Impact!

Axiom is proud to present our newest (and youngest) player, Impact!


Formerly known as Woongjin Stars Mekia, the 18 year old Zerg player has joined Axiom under the new handle Impact. Impact is most famously known as one of the protagonists in the StarCraft documentary State of Play that follows the beginning of his pro gaming career. Since then Impact has participated in Proleague with Woongjin Stars where he produced results for his team against powerful opponents like Stork, Kop, and Bbyong.


This acquisition comes with impeccable timing as Axiom recently began searching for a Zerg after former Axiom player Miya retired in May. The addition of Impact brings back diversity in the team line up, as all other existing members play Terran or Protoss.


This is the first time Axiom has engaged in a transfer from a KeSPA team. The transfer was conducted in good spirits by Woongjin Stars Coach Ryu, who stated, “On Woongjin Stars, Impact was overshadowed by Soulkey and ZerO, despite his talent. I hope that he will adjust to his new team quickly so that he can show everyone a good performance in official matches.“


Impact’s new captain CranK had a few words to say about the acquisition. “Axiom's problem has been that we didn’t have a Zerg since Miya retired. We've looked at many Zerg players. During that time, 'Mekia' interacted with us. His skill is better than everyone knows, so we decided to recruit him to Axiom. You guys can see how talented he is at GSTL or our other leagues. I think he can really prove himself as a strong Zerg. Please cheer for new Axiom player Impact.”


Team manager John ‘Totalbiscuit’ Bain explained the trade in more detail:

“Axiom is happy to welcome Kim Joon Hyuk into our ranks. Ever since Miya’s retirement we have been searching for a new Zerg player, but were also held back by our financial situation. At the time, we had taken a big risk by expanding so quickly on the promise of potential future sponsorship and our finances were in dire straits. Lately however, I am able to comfortably provide a larger sponsorship to the team so, along with the support of Planetside 2 and WASD Keyboards, we are able to safely and responsibly recruit a new player.


Axiom has always focused on acquiring proven talent in whatever form it may take, but this time we were able to reach further into unexpected territory. Axiom has maintained an excellent relationship with a number of KeSPA teams thanks to our player’s Brood War history and mutual practice arrangements. When Coach Ryu, a friend of the team, spoke to us about Impact, we were able to arrange a transfer from Woongjin Stars to Axiom in time for the second round of the GSTL. Coach Ryu was even generous enough to assist Impact with his contract, which can be complicated and intimidating to even the most experienced pro gamer. We look forward to continued strong relationships with Korean teams, as Axiom was founded on the principle of enriching the Korean scene, not taking away from it.


Impact has been in the house for several days and is settling in well. He has been practicing with our players to prepare for his debut in Acer TeamStory Cup as well as assist in their upcoming matches. With a solid performance in the recent Proleague, we feel he will be very comfortable with the format of Round 2 of the GSTL. The transition from KeSPA’s training environment to Axiom’s will be a challenge. Self-discipline is a skill that many players do not possess, which is why coaches are often needed to ensure that players continue to practice. However, as many of you have seen in the State of Play documentary, Impact has the necessary passion and drive to thrive in this environment. Woongjin Stars put their trust in him during Proleague and he performed well under pressure with a solid win/loss record. He has already proven that he can handle the booth and that he has the drive to succeed.


We look forward to giving him his first opportunities outside of Korea, although his focus will be on Korean competition. Our players are happy to assist Impact in this transition to a different style of training and look forward to bringing our new, stronger lineup to upcoming team-league matches. Our lack of Zerg has been our Achilles' heel in team leagues and with Scarlett’s hiatus, we have been more predictable in our team league matches than we would like. Regardless, we maintain excellent results in Acer TeamStory Cup and GSTL and now with added depth to our roster we expect to be far more difficult to prepare for.”


As the young Axiom player is still a rising star within the StarCraft 2 scene, here is a brief interview and video conducted with Impact to help introduce him to his new fans.

How does it feel being the youngest player on Axiom?

I'm indifferent. I just think I should work really hard as the new guy.

How are you adjusting to the Axiom team house?

I already feel really comfortable because my new team members have helped me adjust.

In your free time, what do you enjoy doing?

I like to sleep, listen to music, and strategize my plays.

How does the style of training in Axiom differ from Woongjin Stars?

It's more relaxed. There is more freedom in practice than Woongjin practice style.

What tournament would you most like to attend in 2014?

Umm...I have no idea! I just want to attend any tournament.

What are your goals for 2014?

In 2014, I want people to be looking at me. Give me your attention!

What do you feel your greatest strength as a player is?

My strongest feature is my physical (macro) ability. 

What would you like to say to your former team?

Let's keep having a good relationship even if we are not on the same team anymore.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

 You guys don't know me because I'm new... I'll be famous soon! I'll be a player you want to pay attention too, just keep looking for me.


Want to see Impact in action? Here are VoDs of his victories in Proleague:

(2nd image source:



Olivia Wong

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  • FirstpersonSwed

    Tue 1st Oct 2013 - 3:27pm

    this is awesome. i will love following this guys progress.
    Now the GSTL team will be more balanced and the guys have a Zerg practice partner.

    Go Impact! Lets get some people fearing you in the booth! ;)

  • Yonan

    Tue 1st Oct 2013 - 7:52am

    Grats Axiom and Ax.Impact, looking forward to seeing you play.

  • Balicanbreeze

    Tue 1st Oct 2013 - 2:13am

    Great to finally have a new zerg on  Axiom, look forward to see his impact on the gstl :)

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