[Interview] Axiom's 1st Year

Thu 26th Sep 2013 - 8:22pm Axiom eSports [Interview] Axiom's 1st Year

When first asked to do this interview, the Axiom players were surprised to hear Axiom's 1st anniversary was quickly approaching. Just a year ago, Crank and Genna Bain formed Axiom eSports with John 'Totalbiscuit' Bain backing their vision of fostering the Korean Starcraft 2 scene. Since then, Axiom has swiftly expanded to a 4 player roster and 3 team staff. Throughout the year the players had varying success in individual tournaments, with consistent placements in WCS America Premier League, and as a team in GSTL. Team captain Crank and teammates Ryung, Heart, and Alicia were asked to look back on their time with Axiom and what they see in the team's future. 


Prior to joining Axiom, each member has a long history within the progaming scene and with various teams. What makes Axiom different from other teams?
Crank: Communication. I can tell ours is the best compared to other eSport teams. Sometimes we become really busy and our communication fails, but we recover so quickly. Even if our team is kind of a business, I still think that the most important thing is communication between members.
Alicia: We already knew each other before joining Axiom, so our unity, communication, and mood is much better than other teams.
Heart: Our team spirit is better than other teams. We always cheer for our teammates during individual tournaments besides team league. We have the 'Axiom' mood.
Ryung: Our harmony is so good and our communication with any team member, even staff or boss, is so good. I think its a family feeling.


When Axiom was first founded, CranK was the only player. The team slowly expanded with Heart and Alicia being the last to join in January. Can you describe your experience with Axiom so far?
Crank: Everyone who is a part of Axiom has been shaping Axiom’s future. I think we are doing very well so far. Sometimes we have struggled as a team, but we enjoy our time with Axiom so much. This team gave us so many things. Axiom is already meaningful in my life.
Alicia: I competed in many tournaments as an Axiom player. I think my career as an Axiom player is not bad so far. My favorite memory is after GSTL S1 when we traveled together (team trip) to the countryside, even if it rained the whole time.
Heart: I have not been in Axiom for a long time because I was the last to join. I can feel Axiom's unity. I’m always happy staying here in the team house with my friends and practicing.
Ryung: We have competed in many team leagues and got good results. Our unity is always good. I'm happy with everything about Axiom.


Fans always comment that everyone on Axiom looks like they are having so much fun. What is your favorite memory with Axiom?
Crank: I can’t choose one memory. Whenever I finished playing my match, John and Genna came over to encourage me. I love all these memories.
Alicia: I like to remember the memory where I won my group in WCS S1 and got the ticket to the season final with Ryung. Even if we lost (got 3rd place), to lead GSTL S1 playoff as number 1 lives in our memory.
Heart: My favorite memory is playing against MVP at our first GSTL match. I was nervous and really wanted to win because it was my first match at GSTL as an Axiom player.
Ryung: GSL semi final and IPL4 at Las Vegas. We all actually played so bad there, but we could enjoy it together because it was first time that all member were there.


This year the team has really expanded and positions have changed. Everyone has been so cordial about the team dynamic. 'Family' has been tossed around a lot. Is there anything you want to express about the team?
Crank: Sometimes we felt sad or unhappy with other teammates or staff member. It doesn’t ever mean we don’t love each other. I love all you guys. I think we’ve been doing very well. If we strive to be better than our current state, I’m sure that our future will be awesome. Lets keep moving forward.
Alicia: I was not with Axiom during the beginning, but I’m really thankful to John and Genna for support us. I’m also thankful to Olivia for managing us and cheering for us. I really want to enjoy our team together in the future. I wish we will continue to get good results with GSTL.
Heart: I love you guys, everyone.
Ryung: I hope we’ll work hard as individuals to become the best players in the world so team Axiom will be still alive. I love John.


What do you hope for the future of Axiom?
Crank: I just want to leave Axiom’s name on the history of eSports. I want our team members to be happy with Axiom.
Alicia: It’s so amazing that Axiom has already existed for 1 year. In my opinion, my age is too old to do pro-gaming. I want to be an Axiom player until I retire, and I hope all Axiom players will play successfully to keep Axiom going for a long time.
Heart: No more members retiring and to stay together more.
Ryung: Axiom has only been around for 1 year, but I think Axiom’s result has been good so far. I hope every year Axiom will grow bigger and we will get an individual tournament winner.



Olivia Wong

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  • FirstpersonSwed

    Fri 27th Sep 2013 - 2:57pm

    I love these guys!
    i whant to be able to follow Axiom for years to come.
    the friendly open attitude and teamspirit is great.
    Best wishes for the future and well done so far :)

  • bersi

    Fri 27th Sep 2013 - 8:09am

    What does Alicia mean by saying he is too old to do pro-gaming and he wants to stay with Axiom until he retires? Does that mean, hes planing on retiring? Let's say in a year from now? 

    Or does that simply mean, that he won't leave Axiom until he retires?

    Besides great interview. Would like to see Axiom grow and get a little variaty on their race distribution :)

  • Balicanbreeze

    Thu 26th Sep 2013 - 11:32pm

    Awesome interview! Happy 1 year anniversary <3 Really happy to support Axiom and all the amazing players!

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